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Run our panels to predict your risk for next season.

Our Pattern 360 gives you a complete look at your field's biology.

Contact us to run your full analysis & know exactly what you're facing before you plant.

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Unlocking your yield potential.

Our soil analysis provides a complete view of your field's biological, physical, and chemical profile. Results are delivered on our 360 Dashboard, providing comprehensive information on some of the most damaging below-ground pests and diseases, biofertility, and nutrients.

What makes Pattern Ag's results unique?

Previously, there was only one way to predict your risk of pest and disease: in-season scouting once symptoms appeared. Now, you can uncover threats to yield before the season starts help you make the best input decisions to maximize yield and profit.

Corn sprouting from ground

We have three solutions to help you achieve top-end yield.

Our Panels


Pressure Panel

Predict & protect against the most damaging below-ground pests and disease.

The Pressure Panel identifies & measures the most economically destructive pests and pathogens in your soil to determine the risk specific to your region.

Includes: Corn Rootworm, Soybean Cyst Nematode, & Sudden Death Syndrome.


Complete Bio

Add to the Pressure Panel by leveling up your biological insights for protection against soil-borne diseases. Plus, get a look into your soil's biofertility.

Includes: Pressure Panel + Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Anthracnose of Corn, Giberella Stalk Rot, Soybean Brown Stem Rot, Soybean Stem Canker, & White Mold (beta)


Pattern 360

The Pattern 360 combines the Complete Bio with a comprehensive chemistry-based nutrient analysis to give you a 360 view of what's happening in your soil. Run all your soil analysis with a single sampling event, and get a complete set of insights to plan for next season.

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our dashboard

All your analytics in one place.

Our Dashboard provides you with comprehensive information on crop protection, fertility, and nutrients and even includes scripting. All this information in one place helps you streamline your customer's crop management program.

The Pattern Ag Grower's Initiative

Work with Pattern Ag to unlock new insights and innovations.

This innovative agricultural program at the forefront of pioneering technology in the farming industry. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize agriculture by enrolling forward-thinking growers in programs designed to develop cutting-edge solutions with tangible real-world applications geared towards improving field performance.

Some benefits include

  • A free analysis of the field that is part of the study,
  • A customized report on your field's results,
  • A potential per-acre payment

For more information, call 800-933-8644
or email agronomy@pattern.ag