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Pattern Ag's Decision Dashboard analyzes your soil's unique ecosystem to help you maximize yield potential and reduce spend on inputs you don't need
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DNA unlocks a world of insight

We sample your soil and analyze its DNA to identify the bacteria, fungi, insects, and nematodes living in your fields. These organisms tell a story about the soil environment which you can use to refine your management decisions, boost yields, and save on input costs.

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Select your fields for analysis, then place an order with the click of a button.

Sample Soil

Pattern Ag will handle all the details to get your fields sampled, and sent to our lab.

Make Key Decisions

Our analysis uses biological markers to inform everything from pest and disease risk, to nutrient management strategies

Our Results

Insights at every level

We can display microbial insights at a sub-field, field, and operation level, while providing relevant benchmarks to help you interpret and act on the results

Our Footprint

We've got the Midwest covered

Pattern Ag offers our services throughout the Midwest, with a particular focus on Corn and Soybeans

Once we saw the Soybean Cyst and SDS pressure, we knew it had to be planted to Corn. Margins are too tight to place the wrong crop in the wrong field.


IA Farmer

The Pressure Panel helped us select the right corn and soybean products based on the SCN and Corn Rootworm findings.


MN Farmer

I believe this will be the next key layer to increase yields using less inputs on my farm.


IL Farmer

I would have never made the investment to treat the soybeans going into the season had I not known what was living in my soil.


IL Farmer

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