Predict and Prevent Crop Pests and Disease

Pattern reads the DNA in your field to help you predict and prevent losses from the most damaging row crop pests & diseases


Why Read The DNA In Your Fields?

One Simple Test Can Show All The Pathogens In Your Field

Your farm is a complex ecosystem of insects, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and more. These organisms play a critical role in plant productivity, health, and disease

Using advanced genetic technologies, Pattern can read the DNA of the organisms in your field, and use this to help you predict and prevent problems from pathogens responsible for >$10 Billion in yield loss every year across the Midwest


Rootworms, wireworms and other soil borne insects are responsible for >$1B in damage and control costs


Nematodes are the silent yield robber for corn and soybeans, costing farmers billions

Foliar Disease

We can detect soil borne foliar diseases that are responsible for an average of $5B in yield loss in every year!

Root & Stalk Rots

Root rots and stalk diseases are a major problem, responsible for ~$1.5B in yield loss and replant costs

Our Service

An All-In-One Risk Detection & Input Decision Tool

Our analysis detects the DNA of any soil borne organism. The more DNA we read from a specific organism, the more likely that population will swell during the next growing season, causing damage and yield loss

We use this genetic information, paired with known economic thresholds and benchmarks, to help inform where your pathogen risks are high or low. Armed with this insight you can spend on the inputs where you need them most, and save your money where you don't!


What we can do for you

Visualize Your Risks

Map your pathogen risk on a sub-field level to help inform management practices, input decisions, and in season activity

Make Informed Decisions

Use industry benchmarks and our proprietary agronomic-by-microbe dataset to make more informed management and input decisions, so you can spend where you need it, and save where you don't!

Predict Potential Losses

See how your fields compare to known industry benchmarks, the rest of your operation, and nearby fields

What you can do with this information

Management Practices

Plan with confidence

Crop Rotation

Fields with a high pathogen load should consider rotating to another crop

Tillage Practices

Tillage is effective at reducing the load of many fungal pathogens, and should be considered in high risk fields

Spacing, Pop & Fertility

When at higher risk for disease, managing plant stress is key to ensuring a good stand and robust yields

Targeted Scouting

Knowing where to scout and what to look for will save time and catch potential issues in season

Spend where you need it, save where you don't

Key Input Decisions

Hybrid Selection

Hybrid / variety selection is critical for many fungal diseases. Make sure you have built in protection with the right germplasm

Trait Packages

Bt traits are one of the best tools for insect control - know what you're up against, and which trait package you actually need to pay for!

Seed Treatment

Make sure you give your seedlings a chance to reach their full potential by protecting those critical first days and weeks

In Season Applications

Knowing your pathogen risk going into a season will help you get ahead of issues, and make an informed decision on foliar treatments

The Crops & Pathogens We Cover

We are focused on Midwest row crops with a particular emphasis on the pests and diseases affecting Corn and Soybeans



Some of the most damaging insects live in your soil. Pattern's analysis picks up live specimens and eggs counts so you can build your IPM plan accordingly

Foliar Disease

Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Gray Leaf Spot, Goss's Wilt. Sometimes you can rescue your crop, sometimes it's too late. Don't take chances with your hard work and investment. Know where you're at risk next season!

Corn Nematodes

Corn nematodes are the silent yield robbers - with some species estimated to cause yield losses in excess of 20%. In this case, what you don't know can hurt you.

Stalk Rots

Overwintering in the soil and crop residue, stalk rots like Fusarium and Anthracnose are just waiting to sap your yield potential, and cause lodging at harvest. Get the jump on them now with Pattern's report.


Soybean Cyst

Soybean Cyst is the number one yield robber for Soybeans. You could have >10% yield loss without any visible signs above ground.

White Mold & Other Foliar Disease

White Mold, Brown Spot, Frogeye Leaf spot, Brown Stem Rot. They all add up to significant yield loss for Soybeans. Make sure you know what you're up against and have a solid scouting and in season plan to intervene if needed.

Sudden Death Syndrome

SDS is the silent killer. It's hard to predict your pathogen load, and the only control is from a seed treatment. You need to know your risk BEFORE you plant!

Root Rots

Pytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium. It's not just your stand count that will take a hit. Early season disease will stunt a plant's full potential. Make sure you're protected.


How It Works

We Take Care Of The Details So You Can Focus On The Decisions

Pattern offers an end-to-end service to help you make more informed decisions. From collecting samples in field, to reviewing results and recommendations, we're there each step of the way to ensure you can better predict, prevent, and prosper

Step 1

Plan & collect samples

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty - once we've dialed in a sampling protocol for your farm, we take care of the rest by pulling samples and shipping them to our lab

Step 3

Review results and make decisions

Once we've processed your samples and interpreted the results, your Pattern Regional Manager will sit down with you to walk through the highlights and think through the implications for management decisions, input purchases, and in-season activities

Step 2

Process samples in lab

Using the latest in genetic sequencing, data science, and hardware automation, we extract the DNA from your soil, turn it into a digital fingerprint of the organisms living in your field, and translate that into an estimate of disease risk and damage potential based on economic thresholds

What's Included?

We include results for all covered crops and pathogens on every acre we serve, regardless of what you plan to plant next year

Execution in field

Don't want to pull samples? Don't worry, we got it covered!

All covered crops

Includes Corn and Soybeans for 2019 / 2020

All covered pathogens

Soil borne insects, nematodes, foliar disease, stalk and root rot

Interpretation & advice

Custom analysis from your Pattern Regional Manager


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