Your Soil Is Talking, It's Time To Listen

Pattern Ag offers the most advanced soil analysis to optimize your crop protection and fertility plans.

Just launched, the 2023 Predictive Ag Report. Get your copy!

Optimize placement of the inputs you need, and save costs on the inputs you don't.

We have three panels to help you maximize yield, and optimize your inputs

The only test to predict next season’s risk from the most damaging soil borne pests and disease:

Detect a single rootworm or soybean cyst egg in a 1 lb soil sample.

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Predict your risk from a wide range of soil borne disease before you plant:

In addition, we will measure your soil’s biofertility levels to help you improve soil productivity over time.

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Optimize your soil fertility with a comprehensive macro and micronutrient analysis:

* Nitrate Nitrogen performed as an add-on to Pro Nutrient Panel
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The Pattern 360: All your results, all in one place

The Pattern 360 gives you a full 360 profile of your soil, and includes: The Pressure Panel, the Performance Panel, and The Pro Nutrient Panel.

This comprehensive profile is delivered through our 360 Dashboard providing results at sub-field, field, and operation level. All of this information in one place helps you refine your management decisions, and plan for next season.

Once we saw the Soybean Cyst and SDS pressure, we knew it had to be planted to Corn. Margins are too tight to place the wrong crop in the wrong field.


IA Farmer

The Pressure Panel helped us select the right corn and soybean products based on the SCN and Corn Rootworm findings.


MN Farmer

I believe this will be the next key layer to increase yields using less inputs on my farm.


IL Farmer

I would have never made the investment to treat the soybeans going into the season had I not known what was living in my soil.


IL Farmer

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