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About Us

Want to know a little about us?

It's simple. We're the Predictive Ag Company.

Pattern Ag was founded with the belief that a deeper understanding of our soil is the key to unlocking a wave of productivity and efficiency gains in Ag.

We’re revolutionizing agronomy by using the biology in the soil to predict what will happen agronomically on the field.

Analyzing soil biology, we can predict key field agronomic outcomes with 90% confidence before the season starts. This unprecedented accuracy and advanced timing unlock farm profitability by enabling precise product placement for all key agronomic inputs.

Some cool facts


People on our teams

Our commercial team is located throughout the Midwest, while our data scientists, lab technicians, geneticists, microbiologists, engineers and leadership work out of our headquarters in Emeryville, California.


Analytics available

We currently have over 33 analytics available to our users, adding more every year.

We're a team that is passionate about the future of Ag.

We are leveraging advances in genomics, data science, and microbiology to help farmers improve their land's productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

While we're focused on growers throughout the Midwest, our team is a broad group of mission-driven scientists, agronomists, and technologists.

We're passionate about the future of ag and unlocking the next level in sustainable gains for the farmers we work with. If that sounds like you, visit our careers page.

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