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Pattern Ag Announces Plans for Commercial Expansion

August 24, 2023

4 Min

Pattern Ag Announces Plans for Commercial Expansion

Strong performance in 2020 will allow Pattern Ag to expand its commercial efforts to reach more growers across the Midwest this season

Pattern Ag, Inc., recently announced they will be making internal investments to better position their company for growth over the coming years. Of most note Pattern Ag will be scaling their sales team, building a robust agent network, and introducing new product offerings for corn and soybean growers throughout the corn belt.

“The first step in our commercial expansion will be hiring more support in the field to better serve our customers,” says Mike Tweedy, newly appointed Vice President of Sales. He continues, “In the near future we will have a more specialized sales team, and will be positioning new sales representatives in key growth areas in the Midwest.”

In addition to ramping up their sales force, Pattern Ag plans to develop a strong network of agents to offer Pattern Ag’s service to their grower customers. Mike Tweedy comments, “Having a combination of local support and technical expertise will ensure growers have a great experience working with us for years to come.”

For fall 2021, Pattern Ag will also be launching two new product offerings, giving growers better flexibility to choose the level of analysis they want to have conducted on their operation. Pattern Ag will now be offering ‘Pressure Panels' which analyze for specific pests and pathogens such as Corn Rootworm and Soybean Cyst Nematode. Pattern Ag’s Pressure Panels are in addition to their existing offerings that focus on community-wide microbial analysis. “Allowing growers to pick a key pest they are concerned about and target that pest specifically with our analysis gives the grower actionable insights around key management decisions… all at a very appealing price point,” says Cam Norgate, Head of Product.

For more information about becoming an agent, or regarding Pattern Ag’s new Pressure Panels, you can email info@pattern.ag or go to www.pattern.ag/contact and get connected with a Pattern Ag representative.