You might be losing 5+ bu/ac to SCN without ever seeing symptoms

For half a bushel of soybeans, we map your sub-field SCN pressure, so you can find the fields where added protection will pay

Sub-field SCN analysis, at scale

Pattern Ag's Soybean Cyst Pressure Panel is the first soil test to map SCN pressure across an entire field, with sensitivity down to a single cyst in a 1lb soil sample.

Results drive input decisions

Find high pressure fields to better inform variety selection and seed treatment options. Recapture 5+ bu/ac of yield potential by protecting where you need it, and save on inputs where you don't.

Managing for SCN can feel like an expensive guessing game

Yield loss can occur without above ground symptoms

SCN continues to spread to new fields every year

Resistance to PI-88788 is growing, and can result in 10+ bu/ac in yield loss

Percent of SCN Populations with elevated reproduction on PI-88788 (Source: SCN Coalition)

Alternative controls can be effective, but come at a higher price

Pattern Ag can help you eliminate the guesswork with a single soil test

Now, what would you do if you knew your soybean cyst pressure before planting?

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