Save $30/ac or more on rootworm protection

For the price of a bushel of corn, we map the rootworm egg pressure in your field to help you predict root feeding risk, and make more informed input selections

For the first time ever you can measure true egg pressure

Pattern Ag’s Rootworm Pressure Panel can detect a single rootworm egg in a 1lb soil sample. Rootworm eggs laid in your soil is the most direct predictor of root feeding risk. Use this information to spend where you need the protection, and save on inputs where you don't.

Results drive input decisions

Tailor your hybrid & trait selection, insecticide use, and rotational decisions based on the pressure you face in each field, potentially saving you of $30/acre or more!

Cheap Insurance Is Costing Millions

Only ~10-20% of fields face economic rootworm pressure in a given year, but >55% of acres are planted with rootworm traits...

Source: July 2020 study included 1,440 fields focused in IL, IA, and Southern MN; FBN

...often the reason people over-protect is because they don't  know their rootworm pressure...

Sticky traps don't cut it

Traps are expensive, time consuming, and often inaccurate.

Source: Predicting Western Corn Rootworm Larval Injury to Rotated Corn with Pherocon AM Traps in Soybeans

...which means you might be spending $30/ac or more on protection that's not needed
$10-20 / ac

Trait Spend

$10-30 / ac

Trait Yield Drag

$5-15 / ac


$10-20 / ac

Rotational Losses

What could you do if you knew your rootworm pressure before planting?

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