Our Team

The Pattern Service lies at the intersection of farming and genetics. Our team reflects this confluence, composed of experts with decades of experience across agriculture, gene sequencing, software development, hardware engineering, and data science.


We've been involved with some of the latest innovations in agriculture, and believe reading the DNA in your field is the next major driver of productivity gains. We look forward to working with you to make that happen!


Casey is a Regional Manager. Prior to Pattern, she spent 8 years launching and supporting new crop protection products


Dylan is a master of microfluidics. Before joining Pattern he was helping develop breakthrough diagnostics for HIV detection


Gerard is the Jack Bauer of Lab Operations. In the past, he helped build out a number of labs and technical systems throughout the Bay Area

Tyler is a Regional Manager. In his evenings and weekends he farms, and prior to Pattern he established the presence of several regional seed companies


Adam makes magic happen on mobile and web. Prior to Pattern, he worked with Climate Fieldview



Andrew digs deep on soil science. Previously he worked on fertility models with Climate Fieldview, and earned his Ph.D. in Agronomy from Kansas State University


Cam leads Product and spends too much time on AgTwitter. Prior to Pattern he cut his teeth in Ag with Climate Fieldview


Natalia leads Microbiology at Pattern. Previously she led the strain validation and fermentation team at Corteva and Taxon Biosciences.


Katie leads Strategy and Operations. Before Pattern, she worked on the Strategy team at Indigo Ag and received her MBA from Harvard Business School


Gordy leads all commercial activities. Before Pattern he built teams and regions with one of the leading seed brands


Gregory leads biological R&D. Prior to that, he was head of microbiome discovery profiling and data analysis with Corteva


Jamil leads software engineering. Prior to Pattern he was one of the earliest employees at Climate Fieldview


Maritza leads Next Generation Sequencing and soil processing. Previously, she led soil metagenomics NGS at Radiant Genomics and Zymergen


Michael is a Regional Manager. Prior to Pattern he led precision ag efforts with a major retailer and studied plant microbe interactions at the University of Wisconsin Platteville


Neil is a Senior Research Associate. Prior to Pattern, Neil worked as a genetic engineer at REG and Synthetic Genomics


Rob is CEO of Pattern. Prior to Pattern, Rob has helped lead several early stage analytics companies, with a focus on large scale environmental systems


Jorge has spent his career at the intersection of technology and agriculture, building software and businesses for farmers in both North and South America


Dave Friedberg

Dave is CEO of The Production Board, and previously founded The Climate Corporation, where as CEO he led the company from founding through its acquisition by Monsanto in 2013 for $1.1 billion

Jeff Kim

Jeff Kim, Ph.D., is a Partner at The Production Board and led Radiant Genomics as CEO/CTO through its foundation and acquisition

Merritt Jenkins

Merritt is a robotics engineer with a depth of experience in designing automated hardware solutions across the ag value chain