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DNA: The Missing Data Layer in Agriculture

Finding the X-Factor

The founding members of Pattern have spent decades working to predict and improve crop outcomes using the latest advances in agriculture. Through that journey they realized that despite the increasing amount of data and compute power, there remained an unknown variable - an X-factor - that was influencing outcomes within and across fields. Our belief is that this X-factor is the complex microbial communities living in and around the farm.

The elephant(s) in your field

We all know that the soil is a living ecosystem. An average acre of farmland contains more than two elephants worth of living biomass. In the past we had no way of understanding how this complex ecosystem was impacting the health and productivity of the crops we grew. But with advances in genetic technologies Pattern is able to shine a light on these organisms and understand in detail which species are playing an outsized role.

Finally, a leading indicator

Insects, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, and viruses are growing in population well before we can see them and well before they might cause damage to our crops. We can now “Read the DNA” in your field and use this information to help predict yield loss, yield gain, and other agronomic outcomes. The missing data layer in agriculture is DNA. DNA shows up before anything else!

Today, we can help you easily identify low, medium, and high pathogenic risks in your field and give you insight into actions and controls you can put in place to manage them. Over time, we expect to unlock much more value. Reading the DNA in your field is the next, and potentially most important, driver for gains in agricultural productivity in the 21st century. We believe that, much like weather data, yield maps, and field imagery, in the future you won't be able to imagine farming without the proactive, predictive power of the DNA layer for your farm.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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