Stand out from the crowd

Pattern Ag's proprietary analysis empowers you to make the most precise input recommendations to maximize ROI for your customers

Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

Set yourself apart by providing input recommendations powered by Pattern Ag's data

Deliver ROI To Your Customers

Help your growers take the guesswork out of input decisions to maximize ROI and profitability

Earn Commissions & Sampling Fees

Earn commission on every acre, with the option to generate additional fees by sampling the fields you serve

Deliver concrete ROI

Select your customer's fields in minutes, we handle the details, then you deliver clear recommendations and results

Crop Protection

Knowing when and when not to apply crop protection is the key to running a profitable operation. Leading advisors use Pattern Ag's analysis in two ways:

Get ahead of risks

Avoid costly surprises that show up only after planting

Save on inputs

Save on expensive inputs if they won't be needed next season

Fertility Plans

Soil biology is the key to fixing nutrients and making them plant available. Leading advisors use Pattern Ag's analysis to:

Increase nitrogen uptake

Manage nitrogen fixation and denitrification to be sure the right nutrients are available at the right time

Make phosphorous more plant available

Choose the right products to increase solubilization of key nutrients

Biological Products & Soil Health

Leading advisors use Pattern Ag's analysis to assess the current biology of customer fields to identify and recommend biological products that will generate a positive ROI, and improve long term soil health.

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